You have the idea, you get the ingredients, read the 'recipe' and start...

But things don't always go according to plan and sometimes it could be frustrating when the second batch of bread rolls, just ends up in the bin...

I know it could be tricky to get bread baking right, I've been perfecting it for 16 years and there is still plenty to learn.

But, I'm here to give you a bit of a jump start and help you to get to where I'm now.

I'll share with you my techniques, ideas, some short cuts and really get you to understand the 'Why'.

I'm here to give you confidence to carry on being creative with your bread, chocolate or your crafting.

My name is Magdalena Marsden and I created Cocoa & Heart out of a real passion for all things handmade'

Cocoa & Heart's owner Magdalena Marsden

Cocoa & Heart was born in 2011, when I left my long (and stressful !) career as a Managing Director and decided to pursue a life long passion for sewing, baking and making things. The black suits, high heel shoes and posh bags stayed firmly locked in attic and few years later Cocoa & Heart is becoming established as a small independent chocolate, craft and bread baking workshops business.

I love working with different materials, whether they are cotton fabric or chocolate ganache and I never let my creations to leave my workshop until I'm perfectly happy with them. I have always liked sewing, but I also love baking and I'm passionate about good food.

I started to bake bread about 18 years ago and since then I have not bought a mass produced supermarket loaf.

I love the everyday challenge of 'not running out of my own freshly baked bread! As you can also tell, I also like chocolate. Who does not ? I have been making chocolate truffles since 2000 and I'm always dreaming about the next flavour.

I love working with brides to be on their special design and I'm always exited when my handmade wedding chocolate favours play part in their happy day! I'm here to help you to take a time out of your busy life and learn how to make your own chocolate truffles, spend a great afternoon sewing or get excited about making your own bread!

So, come in, make yourself a cup of tea and be inspired to take the next step in making you life a bit more handmade!'


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