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  1. Author: Magdalena Marsden


    New Chocolate Truffle Course


    So, it's Sunday and I find myself, yet again happily exhausted at the end of a long week.  Have you noticed how cup of tea just taste so much better, when you are completely worn out ? Officially I was on 'holiday', but honestly has anyone actually taken a proper holiday when they are self-employed ?

  2.  Author: Magdalena Marsden

    Well, believe me or not, I have been asked this question so many times, that later last year I decided, it was time to set up few chocolate making classes and share my passion for chocolate and my chocolate making skills with others.

    Like with all my other baking courses, I first ran the course with my friends and people who already attended my 'Artisan Bread Baking Course' in the past. I wanted to try and test how well the course will run and how difficult or easy it will be get everyone's chocolate tempered at the same time.


    Chocolate Tempering


















    It was a great fun - even when the temperatures on one day were too hot to work with the chocolate properly. Everyone enjoyed this chocolate making experience - from designing their own chocolate truffle ganashe flavour to learning how to dip and decorate the truffles like a professional chocolatier.

    I have also prepared plenty of chocolate tasting of our Origin's chocolates, filled truffle bars and chocolate truffles that I made previously. At the end of the sessions, everyone's chocolates were beautifully wrapped in chocolate boxes - ready as a unique chocolate gift.

    I have had some great comments back - most of the times people didn't believe that they can create something so perfect the first time round! I must admit I'm always admiring the end results - everyone's chocolates are so different and beautiful too.


    Chocolate Truffle Workshops

    The Chocolate Truffle Making workshops have been now running for over a year and I love sharing my passion for good chocolate with other people. Our chocolate making workshops are run in our victorian chocolate kitchen in South East London, Bexleyheath.




  3. iced-coffee-2305211_1280

    Iced coffee is one of my favourite ways of enjoying coffee in summer. Iced Coffee is very common drink on the continent, but not so much in the UK. Well, I think, it's time to change that!I always offer refreshments, when I run my baking courses and this week, I decided to prepare my version of Iced Coffee. I was right that nobody really wanted a hot drink anyway and my iced coffee was a bit of a welcomed novelty.

  4. Author: Magdalena Marsden


    A day out in London ! Hurrah ! Under the pretence of research (really it was a research, but still a lots of fun !) I headed off to London to visit Speciality and Fine Food Fair at Olympia. This was a trade show only, so I had my ticket in advance and also had the chance to plan which stall to visit. (Precise military operation, you see...)