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  1. What is raw chocolate?

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    What is raw chocolate

    What is raw chocolate?

    Is it the latest ‘superfood’, what does it really contain and why are its supporters ‘roaring’ about it?

    As we’ve already seen from previous blogs, making chocolate is complicated enough process as it is. The cacao beans have to picked usually by hand before they are fermented and then roasted, ground down, pressed. After that they’re mixed with sugar and fats and eventually turned into the bars and sweets that we know and love.

  2. How many seeds are there in a cocoa pod?

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    how many seeds are there in a cocoa pod

    Chocolate – the nectar of the gods in Latin – is a scare resource. Prices are increasing and the size of the bar itself is getting smaller. Last Christmas, Mondelez, the makers of Toblerone reduced the number of distinctive triangles in its chocolate bars in order to keep the price the same. For many consumers, it simply wasn’t the same.

    I always knew that one need quite a lot of cocoa pods to end up with one chocolate bar, but I never actually look into this properly. Until last week, when one of our chocolate courses students ask a relatively innocent question: 'How many seeds are there in a cocoa pod?'

  3. Is dark chocolate a probiotic?

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    Is dark chocolate a probiotic

    Is dark chocolate a probiotic?

    This is quite an interesting question - one that I've been recently asked at our chocolate workshops. I innitially dismissed the idea completely, I mean how could chocolate be possibly a probiotic! But then I thought, let's do a bit of a research and see what happends.

    Overall health benefits of dark chocolate

    The processes that go into making your average chocolate bar, means that the cacao loses a lot of its natural health benefits. This is on account of the chemicals added during processing, the extreme heat in roasting the cacao, not to mention the introduction of vast quantities of sugar.

  4. Can dark chocolate benefit weight loss?

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    chocolate bar with almonds

    Can dark chocolate benefits weight loss? It’s a comment that’s often made and repeated with a question mark at the end of the sentence – either as a definitive statement in itself, or as a hope or wish. After all, wouldn’t it be great if some form of chocolate was good for us. A bit like all those studies that say a glass of red wine a day will help us live longer.

    In its raw form, cocoa is very high in a raw plant nutrient called flavonols. Now, research tests seem to point to the flavonol content found in dark chocolate can improve insulin sensitivity in healthy people. What’s insulin? Well, it’s a complex hormone found in numerous biochemical reactions in the body. One of its role is in helping to process whether food is either absorbed into the body or stored as fat.