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  1. How to set marmalade

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    How to set your marmalade

    How to achieve the perfect marmalade set is probably the most frustrating thing about marmalade making. So, here are my answers to questions you are impatiently want to know.

    What is the setting point for marmalade?


    This is a 'range' because every kitchen environment is very different and the setting point depends partly on the humidity in the room. The higher the humidity the higher the temperature needs to be for the marmalade to set. To control humidity, open window, switch on fan or put the heating on, depending on the season.

  2. Marmalade making tips

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    Marmalade Making Tips

    Here are my my favourite marmalade making tips to make sure your next batch of marmalade comes out absolutely perfect.

    1. Start with the right fruit

    Marmalade is made using citrus fruits, traditionally these are Seville Oranges. The only problem is that Seville Oranges are in season only in January/February and are not always sold in all supermarkets. If you do find them in your local supermarket, buy few extra kilos and freeze them as you can always use them later on in the year.