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  1. Rhubarb Cake Recipe

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    Rhubarb & Yoghurt Tray Cake Bake Recipe

    I've developed this recipe for rhubarb cake when I was working at Down House - a historic house in Kent where Charles Darwin lived for most of his life. We had an amazing garden kitchen which also had a large patch of heritage rhubarb. I wanted to create a recipe that would use the rhubarb as the main ingredients, as we had a bounty of rhubarb every year.

    Each day during the rhubarb season, I would walk down to the end of the garden after I finished my work and cut few stems of rhubarb. I was under strict instructions to make it look like 'nothing was missing', so I would spend a lot of time working out how to cut the best stems that were ready from each cluster. Fortunately the head gardener was a great fan of the rhubarb cake!

  2. Healthy pear muffin recipe

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    Easy Pear Muffin Recipe

    This is my favourite muffin recipe that's not only easy to make, but it's very healthy and taste delicious too. I always double up the recipe and bake two batches and then freeze most of the muffins. They are very easy to defrost over night and that way you only eat few at the time.

    If you don't have pears or don't fancy them, you can swap them for other firm fruit, such as apples. This recipe is also very easy to adapt if you don't have all the ingredients. For example, the bran or wheat bran can be just one type of bran or oats, you can also swap the flour for normal plain flour or use spelt or buckwheat flour if you want these muffins to be super healthy. 

  3. Christmas Chocolate Fudge with Cherries, Pistachio & Coconut Recipe

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    Christmas Chocolate Fudge with Cherries, Pistachio & Coconut Recipe

    Author: Magdalena Marsden

    Whilst I really love chocolate, one can't simply survive on eating chocolate alone! And that is why I often venture to making traditional sweets, especially before Christmas.

    This Christmas Chocolate Fudge with Cherries, Pistachio & Coconut Recipe is the perfect recipe to make and give away as a token festive gift. Make your own gift boxes or just add a pretty ribbon and a Christmas gift tag and you have a truly special festive gift. I really love the colours in this recipe, as they are very christmassy on their own and of course the flavour comes from the chocolate you use (the stronger, darker one you use the stronger flavour you will get).

  4. Rich Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe

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    Rich Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe

    Author: Magdalena Marsden

    I'm normally not too keen on fruit cakes, but this Rich Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe is quite special. The flavour changes depending on what dried fruit you bake the cake with and the type of alcohol you use to 'feed' the cake. This fruit cake is best made about 4-6 weeks before Christmas to give you enough time to feed it and for the flavour to develop.

  5. Christmas Baubles Cake Pops Recipe

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    Christmas Baubles Cake Pops

    Author: Magdalena Marsden

    I've resisted to make cake pops for as long as I can remember. But I've been recently looking for a quick gift for a children party I was invited to and though, well, perhaps I can try these Christmas Baubles Cake Pops. I was quite impressed with my results and of course all the recipients loved them too. Well at least that's what I think, judging by the speed they disappeared from the sweet's table display at the party.

  6. Easy Christmas Chocolate Truffles Recipe

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    Christmas Chocolate Truffles Recipe

    Author: Magdalena Marsden


     A long time ago, here is where my chocolate business started: with making Christmas chocolate truffles to give as little token presents to my friends and family. This Easy Christmas Chocolate Truffles Recipe is a basic recipe that can be easily changed depending on what chocolate truffle flavour you fancy. Give them away packed in a cellophane bags with pretty Christmas ribbons and make sure you keep some for yourself! They are that good!

  7. Blackberry, Pear & Apple Crumble Recipe

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    Blackberry, Pear & Apple Crumble Recipe

    Author: Magdalena Marsden

    This is one of my favourite Blackberry, Pear & Apple Crumble Recipe, which takes no time at all to make and it's always a big hit with our friends as the ultimate comfort after dinner pudding! This recipe makes enough for two, so if you are making it for the whole family, just double the quantities.

  8. Winter Berry Jelly with Egg Nog Recipe

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    Winter berry jelly with eggnog

    Author:Magdalena Marsden


    A great pudding to end a posh homemade dinner when you don't want to have a heavy pudding. I particularly like to use creme de cassis in this recipe, because it has such a lovely sharp fruity flavour, but you could easily use madeira wine or pudding wine. The pudding looks very rustic in a different sizes jam jars, but normal glasses (like a whisky tumblers) would be perfectly fine too.