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New Chocolate Workshops

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Author: Magdalena Marsden


New Chocolate Truffle Course


So, it's Sunday and I find myself, yet again happily exhausted at the end of a long week.  Have you noticed how cup of tea just taste so much better, when you are completely worn out ? Officially I was on 'holiday', but honestly has anyone actually taken a proper holiday when they are self-employed ?

I spent the whole morning taking photos of my new chocolate making workshops and also trying to take tasty photos of my Rum & Raisins Fudge and Strawberry Sweets for local market next week. I'm still getting used to my new camera, but I like the creative process of taking photos, setting the scene and then editing the pictures. I'm always amazed when amongst the millions of photos I've taken found one that shines through.

Chocolate Workshop Photo


The new photos are for my new 'Chocolate Truffle Making Workshop' which had a bit of a makeover! It's now longer to allow everyone to work with chocolate moulds and create even more beautiful chocolates. Chocolate moulds are always great fun to work with and can produce spectacular results, especially when painted with chocolate butter colours.

If you are interested - all our dates are listed here. All chocolate workshops are run in our Victorian kitchen in London, Bexleyheath within easy acces to main London train line.

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