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How to make your own soft cheese

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How to make your own cottage cheese











Have you ever wondered, whether you can make cheese at home?

Well, I did!

And after a visit to several working farms in Kent, watching re-runs of Victorian Farm on BBC2 and our favourite cheese place going out of business, I decided I wanted to have a go myself to see whether it's possible to make a cheese at home.<blog_break>

Looking through few cookery books I soon realised that making traditional cheese at home is quite an art and you really need to have a fairly specific equipment. Hard cheese also takes a time to mature and I was hoping to try my own cheese for lunch on the same day!

Fortunatelly you can make soft type of cheese at home, which is very easy and quick to make.

So, here is what I did (and if you have a spare 30 minutes, you really can make your own soft cheese too!)

This is what you need to make your own soft cheese:

Soft Cheese Making Ingredients

  • 1 ltr Milk (any will do, but best is to get one that's 'raw' e.i. not homogenised or pasteurised)
  • 2-3 table spoons of vinegar (or lemon juice - up to 6 table spoons) - I used White wine Vinegar, which has a lovely mellow taste
  • salt - table salt is best to start off with
  • Any other flavouring that you want to add to your cheese


Cottage Cheese Recipe - Milk

Cheese Making Equipment

  • Thermometer
  • large pan
  • muslin cloth (or similar - sterilised gauze or tea towel)
  • colander
  • large bowl


This is what you do:

Heat the milk gently up to 38  C. Take it off heat and add vinegar (or lemon), stir and leave for a bit.

Cheese Making

You will see that in a few moments the milk curdles and separates.

Cheese Making

 Then you just pour it on to a muslin cloth resting in a colander and bowl and twist the muslin cloth to squeeze the liquid. Leave it for 30 min or up to 1 hr - either hanged over the side of the bowl or somewhere where the water can still safely drip down.

The next bit is just to add some salt (to taste) and mix in any other flavouring that you want to add. I added garlic chives from my herb garden to mine cheese, which gave it just the right flavour. 1 ltr of milk will give you about 200g of cheese.

The cheese will last up to 1 week in a fridge (keep in airtight container), but ours never does - we just eat it straightaway! I hope this recipe is simple enough for anyone to re-create and I love to hear how you got on making your own soft cheese!

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How to make soft cheese at home

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  1. Ellen

    So there isn't any fermentation process with this one? I really want to try it!! x

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  2. Magdalena Marsden

    I suppose I forgot to mention, that the cheese consistency is similar to 'cottage cheese'. So any flavour that you would find in cottage cheese (like chives, red peppers or onions) would go really well with this recipe. Give it a go - it's quite surprising how easy it is to do.

    Posted on

  3. Mui

    Wow! Sounds like even I could make this :) Thanks for sharing. I am thinking of what flavours to add.

    Posted on

  4. Ruth

    I love this!! I'm curious to know what it tastes like though? Wondering what yummy flavours I could add to mine!

    Posted on

  5. Ellen

    That sounds so simple...! Thanks for all the photos, I think they're really helpful.

    Posted on

  6. Joanna

    WOW - you make it sounds so simple. I always thought it was a complicated process.

    Posted on

  7. Clare

    Wow! I LOVE how simple this cheese recipe is. And I love the idea of combining it with other ingredients, such as herbs and garlic. I also love that the milk doesn't go above 38C. In previous recipes I'd seen you have to boil it, but we can get raw milk locally, so that would have pasteurised it. This way it makes raw cheese! Thanks for such clear photos, Magdalena :-) Will give it a go this weekend. Clare

    Posted on

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