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Traditional Sweets & Chocolate Quiz

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Traditional Sweets - Glass Jar of Sweets

Traditional Sweets & Chocolate Quiz

The best thing about running chocolate classes and making our own chocolate, is that our work involves a lot of chocolate and sweet tasting! We also love history, so what better way to combine these two together, than by putting together this chocolate quiz.

And if you are after a longer chocolate quiz, why not try my Chocolate Advertising Slogans Quiz with 30 different chocolate slogans to test your chocolate memory! 

Now, back to this chocolate quiz! So, obviously we can't see into your front room, so we rely on you not to cheat and take this quiz very seriously!!!

Pen and paper ready, off you go!

  1. What chocolate bar was advertised as during World War II as giving war time volunteers ‘two hours of endurance capacity’?
  2. Which bar was advertised in 1936 with the slogan ‘Don’t be angry, have a bar of chocolate’?
  3. Chocolate Dragees was the original name for what popular confectionary drops?
  4. What did a Mars a day help you do?
  5. What was advertised as ‘Full of Eastern Promise?’
  6. What should you do with a Penguin?
  7. Snickers were originally called what?
  8. ‘Sure is a mighty chew’ was the marketing line for a bar named after the resident of an American state?
  9. Who should you thank if it’s Friday?
  10.  If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit what should you do?
  11. What bar has a hazelnut in every bite?
  12. What is Lighter than ordinary chocolate ?
  13. What was the original name for Starbursts?
  14. Which bar can you take it easy with?
  15. Which chunky bar was marketed with the controversial line ‘It’s not for girls!’



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Got your answers nicelly written down? Perfect!

Since we don't want to tease you any longer, here are the answers:

  1. Chocolate Crisp – forerunner of Kit Kat
  2. Aero
  3. Smarties
  4. Work, rest and play
  5. Fry’s Turkish Delight
  6. P-p-pick up a Penguin
  7. Marathon
  8. Texan
  9. Crunchie
  10. Join our Club
  11. Topic
  12. Maltesers
  13. Opal Fruits
  14. Cadbury’s Caramel
  15. Yorkie Bar

How many did you get right? All of them? Half? Why not share your results with us and let us know in the coments below.

And if you have a burning chocolate or sweets question, just post it in the comments below and I'll try to find the answer for you!




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Chocolate & Sweets Quiz


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  1. Angela

    What a great quiz, I think I got about half right, but it does take me back to my childhood!

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  2. John Petley

    Oh dear I only got 7. Need to eat more chocolate.

    Posted on

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