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Hen Party Quiz

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We just love running our chocolate making hen parties. It's so much fun and laughter and of course there is loads of chocolate!

And we often get asked whether we have a good hen party quiz. Well, until recently I've always refered people to other websites until this week I finally had the chance to design our own. I'm very happy to share the hen party quiz with you and you can downloaded for free right here on our blog. You don't need to subscribe to anywhere or part with any details, just download it, print it and use it! 

And of course we'd love you to share it with your friends and other people you might think it would be useful too.

So, what is the hen party quiz? It's all about how well do you know your bride and it includes some light hearted quiestions about the bride and the groom. 

First of all download and print the hen party quiz as many times as you need to (the number of friends in your hen party)

Before you hand out the hen party quiz to the group, make sure that you get the bride to answer all the questions beforehand. Not that you should take this quiz too seriously, but it helps to have the answers first in case the bride can't remember afterwards!

Next hand the quiz sheets around with pens or pencils and allocate some time for people to complete the questions. The quiz is perfect 'time filler' for example if you (as the party organiser) need to sort out the next part of the entertaiment or food or something else completely.

Once the time is up (you probably don't need more than 10-15 minutes for this hen party quiz), get everyone to swap their sheets and mark each other answers. Read out the answers and let everyone to mark their friend's quizz sheets. 

Tot up the scores on each sheet. You can even do this yourself to make sure nobody is cheating! 

Let everyone know who is the winner and give them a little something as a prize (this could be something relevant to the quiz - like a photo of where the bride and groom first met, or the favourite food - or something entirely else!

To download high resolution version - just click on the picture below or here.

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