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Chocolate Sorbet Recipe

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This chocolate sorbet recipe is perfect as a delicious dessert, but also suitable for dairy free diets. Because it's made without cream or milk, this sorbet is very light and the taste is amazing.

Whist the preparation time is very simple, you need to leave the sorbet to freeze for quite some time, so make sure you start your sorbet making the day before you want to serve it.

Since the flavour in this recipe comes from the main ingredients - the chocolate, make sure that you use the best chocolate you have ( minimum 60-77% cocoa solids), use the strongest cocoa powder and add intense coffee to enhance the flavour.

The pinch of salt is also very crucial part of getting the flavour right. If you make this recipe without it, it will be just very sweet and a little bit bland. The salt balances out the sweetness of the sugar.

To make sure this chocolate sorbet is the best one you've ever eaten, taste the mixture before you start the freezing process and add tiny bit more of salt if you need to.

Other alternatives to bring out the chocolate flavours include few chilli flakes, tiny pinch of ground pink, white or normal peper or pinch of cinnamon. Obviously don't all all of these at the same time!

You can also change the flavour of your chocolate sorbet by changing the type of sugar you use. For example using soft brown sugar will give you richer darker flavour, whilst using 100g caster suger and 100g molases sugar will give you nearly liquorice taste, which of course, can never be a bad thing!

Chocolate sorbet recipe (Dairy & Gluten Free)

200g caster sugar

60g cocoa powder

pinch of salt

2 teaspoons of coffee mixture to enhance flavour (mix one teaspoon of instant coffee granules with tiny amount of boiled water)

85g - 100g dark chocolate (use dairy free chocolate to make sure this desert is truly 'dairy free')

500 ml water

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

30ml chocolate liquer or similar (for extra flavour and to help the sorbet to come out better from the tub)

Here is what you do:

Add the sugar, cocoa powder, salt, coffee extract, chocolate and water in a medium size saucepan and start heating over medium heat.

Bring to a boil and simmer until the sugar and chocolate have disolved. Make sure you stir the pan continuously to prevent the mixture catching (burning).

Remove from heat, add vanilla extract and alcohol (if using). Transfer to a plastic tub with a lid and leave to chill in the fridge for few hours.

At this point, if you have a ice cream maker add the mixture to your machine and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

If you haven't got a ice cream maker, leave out the alcohol at the last stage, put the mixture into a large shallow plastic tub (or use something like a shallow cake tin) to a freezer and set your watch to 60 minutes.

Basically for the next few hours, take the tub out of the freezer and with a fork mash up and rake up the sorbet and then put back to freezer.

This replicates the ice cream maker churning the sorbet and preventing it from just freezing in one solid block. By 'raking up' the chocolate sorbet you are keeping the ice in small flakes, which makes is so lovely and soft.

After about 4-5 hrs, the chocolate sorbet is ready and you can add the alcohol and then either serve it or leave it in the freezer and use at a later stage. Because you've done all the fluffing up and raking of the sorbet, it won't set solid.

So, here you are - a very easy and delicious recipe for chocolate sorbet, which doesn't even need ice cream maker. 

Enjoy and do let me know how you get on!

Happy summer!



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