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Raw chocolate recipe

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raw chocolate recipe

This is one of the easiest raw chocolate recipes to make, involving only three basic ingredients - cacao butter, cocoa powder and natural sweetener. 

Whilst the recipe is simple and easy to make, the ingredients are not always easy to find. You need to visit your local health food shop to find them or explore the wonderful world of internet to get exactly what you need.

The taste and quality of the final chocolate bar depends on the quality of the ingredients you use. So, of course you could use non raw ingredients, such as normal baking cocoa powder and swap the cacao butter for coconut oil or normal butter. Pretty much anything goes, but if you want to make a raw chocolate, you have to start with pure raw ingredients as they are produced very differently to the normal cocoa powders and butters.

It's probably easier to get hold off liquid sweetener than powdered raw sugar, but bear in mind that once you introduce liquid into the chocolate mixture is starts to behave very different and it's difficult to temper. But no matter, what you use, you'll always end up with delicious version of your own chocolate! 

Basic recipe for raw chocolate

125g raw cacao butter

75g raw cocoa powder

60g raw cane sugar, raw coconut sugar or raw natural sweetener finely grinded (or 3-4 teaspoon of raw sweetener (raw honey or other types of syrups)


First of all, start with melting the cacao butter in a bowl, placed over saucepan with gently simmering water. Make sure that the mixture doesn't go over 42 C to keep the chocolate pure raw!

When the cocoa butter has melted remove from heat and whisk in the raw cacao powder and add raw sweetener until fully melted and until the mixture slightly thickens. By stiring and constantly mixing the chocolate, you are sort of tempering the chocolate at the same time. I say 'sort of' because if you are using liquid sweetener you can't temper your chocolate perfectly anyway, but something is better than nothing!

If you have the time (and you are using powdered raw sugar), temper your chocolate properly on marble to make sure that final chocolate is nicely strong and doesn't bloom. A word of warning: unless you add the powdered raw sugar, this is not going to behave like your normal chocolate mixture which is easy to temper.

Because we've added a liquid element to the chocolate (the raw sweetener) the chocolate is always going to be slightly softer than traditional chocolate. The inner structure of both the cocoa powder and butter is also slightly different, but it's still better to temper the chocolate than not.

Make sure that the chocolate is about 32C before you pour it to your mould. If this means that the chocolate slightly thickens and cools down as you temper it, bring it back to 32C by gently heating it over the saucepan with hot water (no need to boil the water).

To finish your chocolate, use simple moulds or pipe or spoon chocolate on to a tray lined with greaseproof paper or just spread it in a thin layer on to a tray to create a chocolate bark (like in the picture).

I always add in some delicious toppings (make sure they are raw if you are keeping all your chocolate treat as 'raw) such as dried fruit, nuts, seeds, rose petals or herbs. Tap the tray with chocolate to make sure the toppings are slightly sunken and then place in fridge for 20 minutes or so.

Share with friends, bring to the next party or stash away to eat, whilst reading your favourite book!

Happy chocolate making!



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Raw Chocolate Recipe

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