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Chocolate Demonstrations & Mr. Badger's Mars Bar

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Sea Salted Caramel Truffles


It’s been another busy week here at Cocoa & Heart and the truth is, we wouldn’t have it any other way. The devil may make work for idle hands but we make devilishly good chocolate and we’re seldom idle.

On Thursday, Magdalena headed across the Dartford Bridge to deliver a chocolate truffle demonstration to a Women’s Institute (WI) branch in Essex. We’re always delighted to be invited to demonstrate any kind of chocolate making and offer tips and advice along the way.

It’s all practical ‘hands on’ stuff as Magdalena takes the members through the various stages and techniques involved in creating top class chocolate truffles. We start with making the flavours for the ganache and include how to use transfers from edible coloured cocoa paper to ensure your own truffles finish looking like something out of display case from a West End shop window. 

Questions are positively encouraged and there’s usually no shortage of volunteers from the audience willing to dip the truffles in huge bowls of chocolate and then decorate them! Our chocolate making demonstrations are both fun and educational. And we can always offer tastings and samples. 

So, what else happened this week at Cocoa & Heart?

Well, Madgdalena was featured in a LoveMoney article, offering advice on how to start an online business.  This is because as well as running a range of chocolate making courses, workshop, demonstrations and parties, Cocoa & Heart also offer practical advice on how to start up your own chocolate making business.

Finally, what caught our eye in the chocolate news this week?

Stephen Badger is the Chairman of Mars Inc, the brand that makes, Twix, Snickers, M&Ms and, of course the iconic Mars bar. The billon dollar company is still family owned and Mr Badger is the great grandson of founder Franklin Mars. His top two tips for businesses? Always listen and then follow your gut instinct and be quick off the mark to embrace new trends. Few companies, big or small, he says, fail by moving too quickly. So, be flexible in outlook and always have an eye on where your market is moving and how you can create a product line to best reflect this.

So, there you go! I've enjoyed writting this week's chocolate round up of news and general titbits and I hope you've enjoyed reading them too!

Until nex week - have a fantastic time!


The Cocoa & Heart inhouse chocolate writer & researcher 

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