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Peanut Butter Cups & Hever Castle

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Chocolate Buttons Boxes Detail


Now that’s summer well and truly here and we’ve all been basking in more than two sunny days in a row, our thoughts at Cocoa & Heart turns to summer festivals.

Over the last few years, we’ve been busy at weekends with running chocolate truffle Hen Parties and chocolate children’s parties, not to mention courses and workshops. This hasn’t left much time to organise a stall at some of Kent’s best loved outdoor festivals.

But this year, we’ve been tempted back, after a few years break, to have a chocolate stall at Hever Castle’s lovely Handmade & Homegrown Festival 31 August – 2 September.

The theme is a celebration all things handmade and homegrown in the heart of the glorious Kent countryside. It’s an ideal opportunity to come and browse the work of local artisans. The three-day event includes demonstrations from skilled craftspeople, local craft and food stalls and art displays. It features the annual patchwork and Quilting Exhibition with workshops for children and adult beginners.

To celebrate the sewing theme we’ll be making our gloriously retro chocolate buttons. They come in different shapes and sizes just like in your grandma’s sewing box and not all of them are round! The chocolate buttons are available in a special gift box tied with ribbons and with a small real button in the middle.

We try to make them all as realistic as possible. So, we love it when people come up to the stall, look at the chocolate buttons and point and then say ‘Are they real?!’

We hope to see you at Hever Castle.  But if you can’t get along yourself or want an idea for a present for a friend who likes sewing then Cocoa & Heart’s chocolate buttons make ideal gifts!

Other chocolate headlines this week...

In a previous Chocolate Edit I've mentioned that the guess the chocolate bar quiz is one of most popular features of our chocolate parties across the age range. We ask teams to write in the names of twenty chocolate bars giving them only a photo of each bar cut in two as a clue. One particular bar usually catches them out. Its name?

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Have you heard of it? Now part of the Hershey’s corporation, it was first launched by its founder HB Reese in 1956. Reese was originally a dairy farmer who worked in one of Hershey’s dairy farms.

Now available in most supermarkets in the UK, it’s actually in the top five biggest candy brands in the world as well as being the market leader in the USA.  At the moment it takes a real chocolate lover to guess this one.

Why? Because, only around 3% of it’s worldwide sales are from outside the USA. But that could soon change in the next few years, so keep an eye out for Reese’s distinctive orange labels and yellow lettering in your local supermarket.

That's it for this week, so until the next week, have a fab time and (don't) eat too much chocolate!


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