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  1. What is raw chocolate

    What is raw chocolate?

    Is it the latest ‘superfood’, what does it really contain and why are its supporters ‘roaring’ about it?

    As we’ve already seen from previous blogs, making chocolate is complicated enough process as it is. The cacao beans have to picked usually by hand before they are fermented and then roasted, ground down, pressed. After that they’re mixed with sugar and fats and eventually turned into the bars and sweets that we know and love.

  2. Can dogs eat chocolate

    Can dogs eat chocolate?

    Here at Cocoa & Heart we are a dog free house. In fact we don’t keep pets of any kind. But many of the students who come on our chocolate making courses have pets of their own. And many are proud dog lovers. Although the courses require a fair amount of concentration there’s always plenty of time for a bit of social chat and we enjoy getting to know people and what’s important to them.

  3. dreamstime_l_87884372

    If you are already baking your own bread, then the next best thing is to have a homemade marmalade to go with it. And of course, real butter!

    This is my favourite recipe for grapefruit marmalade that is relatively quick to make and you can be a bit slap dash when making it. No need to spend 3 hrs shredding your grapefruit peel, but the result is as good as the traditional way of making marmalade. In this grapefruit marmalade recipe I've used grapefruit, but you can use any citrus fruit here or a mixture of different types. Grapefruit, Seville oranges (even sweet oranges are fine if you mix them with lemons or limes), tangerines, limes or lemons.