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  1. Chocolat film

    What’s your favourite chocolate treat when you go to the cinema or settle down at home to watch a film? With me, it’s a Bounty because after I’ve licked away the chocolate, I can silently slowly chew the coconut to enjoy the flavour and try to make the bar last as long as possible. A Crunchie bar, on the other hand, is just too, well crunchy, and every bite can be heard three rows back.

    Buying my favourite chocolates and candy to enjoy a film or tv programme got me thinking about my favourite movies. For many of us, the cinema experience just isn’t complete without diving down into a bag of Revels or Minstrels whilst staring up at the big screen at the same time.

  2. Simple Honey Cake Recipe


    This honey cake recipe is one of the nicest recipes I've recently tried. We have just been on walking holiday in Wales and I found this local version of this easy honey cake recipe. Apparently honey cake goes as far as the time of the Crusades and it's very commonly found accross the whole UK. The Welsh version includes cinnamon, which goes particularly well with the taste of honey.