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  1. Sea Salted Caramel Truffles


    It’s been another busy week here at Cocoa & Heart and the truth is, we wouldn’t have it any other way. The devil may make work for idle hands but we make devilishly good chocolate and we’re seldom idle.

    On Thursday, Magdalena headed across the Dartford Bridge to deliver a chocolate truffle demonstration to a Women’s Institute (WI) branch in Essex. We’re always delighted to be invited to demonstrate any kind of chocolate making and offer tips and advice along the way.

    It’s all practical ‘hands on’ stuff as Magdalena takes the members through the various stages and techniques involved in creating top class chocolate truffles. We start with making the flavours for the ganache and include how to use transfers from edible coloured cocoa paper to ensure your own truffles finish looking like something out of display case from a West End shop window. 

  2. Copperhead Chocolate Truffles - small


    I’m writing this first ever Cocoa & Heart Chocolate Edit blog after having been last one out of the pub last night. Not only that but the landlord was actually holding open the door waiting for me to leave. Before anyone gets the wrong impression, I can explain. Yes, every man can. It wasn’t a pub. It’s actually a micropub called The Kentish Belle  and although I was the last one out, I was also one of the last ones in, having only got there at 10.00pm.