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    When I run my sourdough bread baking courses, I often get asked criptical questions from my curious students. The answers to some of the questions like: 'Is sourdough bread gluten free ?' initially seem very obvious, but strangely enough when you dig a little deeper the answer is not that clear cut.

    So, first of all to satisfy your curiosity to know whether sourdough bread is gluten free, well, of course it depends on what type of flour you use! Since it's very difficult to bake a true sourdough bread from completely gluten free flour, traditional sourdough breads are not gluten free.

  2. Top 10 chocolate producing countries

    Chocolate is enjoyed throughout the world and the latest figures state that over 4.4 million tonnes of cocoa is produced each year.

    However, chocolate itself, is made from cocoa beans which grow on cacao trees. These are only found in a narrow band either side of the Equator and require hot, and rainy humid conditions to bear fruit. Cacao trees were first cultivated in Central America around 1,500 BC, but today, four of the five top cocoa producing nations are in West Africa.

    The top ten cocoa producing countries are spread out across four continents, but which nations produce the most cocoa? (Figures from the UN Food and Agriculture).

  3. Can dogs eat chocolate

    Can dogs eat chocolate?

    Here at Cocoa & Heart we are a dog free house. In fact we don’t keep pets of any kind. But many of the students who come on our chocolate making courses have pets of their own. And many are proud dog lovers. Although the courses require a fair amount of concentration there’s always plenty of time for a bit of social chat and we enjoy getting to know people and what’s important to them.

  4. Dinosaurus Lollipops Detail


    There are dinosaurs in my kitchen!  Like many men (so we’re told) I pass in and out of my kitchen without really noticing what’s going on. I like to think I’m on a mission (seek, locate, retrieve) and don’t want to get distracted. Think shopping. However, every now and then, I do stop and stare if something succeeds in attracting my attention.

    This week two items caught my fleeting kitchen gaze. Dinosaurs! Magdalena and I saw Jurassic Park; Fallen Kingdom recently. For me, it was the first time back to the world of the terrible lizards since I watched the first Jurassic Park movie in 1993. It seems like an age away, so much has happened since, but the dinosaurs still seem timeless.

  5. Cocoa & Heart Chocolate Wedding Favours Ideas
    Summer is traditionally a time when many couples decide to get married. I'm sure that most brides and grooms wish for a sunny day to start of their married life today - if only for the sake of the wedding photos!
    So it comes as no real surprise to learn that Magdalena's been busy making chocolate wedding favours this week. The chocolate kitchen was full of hot chocolate spoons, pretty ribbons, packaging, labels and who knows that, because I'm actually not allowed to go there! This order, I was told, was commissioned by a certain London barrister, so I wasn't not surprised when I heard the 'Suits' theme tune coming out every 40 minutes or so!