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  1. Traditional Sweets

    Nostalgia is always with us; like an ocean wave that keeps coming back. Like a prized keepsake, it’s passed down from one generation to the next. Think of it like the gift in a family game of pass the parcel. It goes through so many hands and there are so many layers to unwrap. And, all too often, the anticipation rarely matches up to the final product.

    At the core of nostalgia is the compulsion to relive and then share our childhood memories with our children and the next generation; ‘this is what it was like for us, son!”. Safe in the knowledge that they’ll do exactly the same when the time comes with their children. So, like traditional sweets, nostalgia is about all sharing. Sharing the memory, sharing the moment, sharing the bag of barley sugars. Like that game of pass the parcel, it needs to be passed round and handed down.

  2. Chocolate mug cake recipe

    I was recently invited to demonstrate my cooking skills to new students at a local college.

    I thought this was going to be easy and started to gather my favourite simple recipes. That was until I read all my instructions and to my dismay found out, that the new college accomodation didn't include ovens in their communal kitchen design.  I suppose it makes sense - students are there just for a short time and most of their student's life probably won't include slaving over roast dinners on Sundays!

  3. Traditional Sweets - Glass Jar of Sweets

    Traditional Sweets & Chocolate Quiz

    The best thing about running chocolate classes and making our own chocolate, is that our work involves a lot of chocolate and sweet tasting! We also love history, so what better way to combine these two together, than by putting together this chocolate quiz.

    So, obviously we can't see into your front room, so we rely on you not to cheat and take this quiz very seriously!!!

    Pen and paper ready, off you go!

    1. What chocolate bar was advertised as during World War II as giving war time volunteers ‘two hours of endurance capacity’?
    2. Which bar was advertised in 1936 with the slogan ‘Don’t be angry, have a bar of chocolate’?
  4. Vegan Milk Chocolate Recipe - Gluten & Dairy Free

    Dark chocolate is by far my favourite type of chocolate, but sometimes there is a time and place for a nice milk chocolate. That extra sugar and milk makes the chocolate beautifully sweet and melts in your mouth perfectly. I've kept this recipe suitable for vegans, so it only has plant based ingredients. It'also gluten and dairy free, which is perfect if you can't have gluten or dairy products. I know my vegan friends would be surprised, why me (a perfectly happy meat eater) would create a vegan chocolate recipe. The truth is that I've recently found that I have IBS and I'm better off staying clear of dairy. So this recipe is also low FODMAP as long as you don't eat the whole chocolate bar at once.

  5. How to set your marmalade

    How to achieve the perfect marmalade set is probably the most frustrating thing about marmalade making. So, here are my answers to questions you are impatiently want to know.

    What is the setting point for marmalade?


    This is a 'range' because every kitchen environment is very different and the setting point depends partly on the humidity in the room. The higher the humidity the higher the temperature needs to be for the marmalade to set. To control humidity, open window, switch on fan or put the heating on, depending on the season.

  6. Cocoa & Heart Chocolate Bars

    This week we've decided to challenge ourself to a chocolate bar knowledge quiz. We didn't score badly at all, but the problem is that when you spend your days educating people in eating good quality chocolate, you really don't eat that many mainstream chocolate bars. So, we thought we should really find out more about traditional chocolate bars. Whilst I still prefer my own handmade chocolate bars on most days, there is a time and place when only Twix will do! Each week, we are challenging ourself to find out more about popular chocolate bars, bring you their rich history and describe the taste too. 

    We'll update this blog post with more information, photos and history from the wonderful chocolate world!

    Magdalena & Nick