Bread Baking Q&A Webinar

Magdalena Marsden runs regular Bread Baking workshops in South East London/Kent and has over 16 years of experience of baking her own bread.


If you find bread baking a bit tricky, want to know about bread baking at home or have a bread baking question to ask why not join me for 

Free Bread Baking Q&A

Date: 14 January 2015, Wednesday

Time: 8pm (Greenwich, UK time)


Where: In the comfort of your own home - at your computer.

I look forward meeting you soon!


Just sing up bellow to join us!



What shall we talk about?

  • How to have freshly baked bread every day without spending all your time in the kitchen
  • How to bake the perfect bread loaf every time
  • What to do when things go wrong (bread collapses, not rises enough, has tight texture etc.)
  • What's the equipment 'must' and what you really don't need
  • 5 Bread Baking Myths - things you probably were told to do, but shouldn't!
  • And of course, answers to all your bread baking questions!

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