Monthly chocolate subscription box coming soon!

Something exciting is happening at Cocoa & Heart

...let me explain!

Cocoa & Heart

Cocoa & Heart chocolate boxes leave our Victorian kitchen around 20th of each month. 

We currently only deliver within the UK and P&P is FREE with each box and subscription.

 Our chocolate box will explore a different theme every month. You will receive 4-6 treats a month that will range from chocolate truffles, origin chocolates, chocolate bars, hot chocolate spoons, chocolate cake & other treats. 

Each month when your box arrives you will get the chance to explore the world of chocolate. Each month we will include different flavours, chocolates and sweet treats. Every box will also include a chocolate recipe and tasting notes to go with your chocolate.


All chocolate in your chocolate subscription box will be made by Magdalena - the owner of Cocoa & Heart  in our Victorian kitchen in South East London. We are very close to Kent and use a lot of local ingredients, such as fresh cream, honey, fruit, flour and oils.

We only use amazing quality chocolate - from smooth Belgium chocolate, to grown up French and not to sweet German chocolate. And of course we use Origin Chocolates, as each chocolate truffle, flavour and bar needs a different combination of chocolate.

Everything is made fresh just before the delivery date. We love experimenting with flavours and different styles.

Our chocolate subscription boxes are designed to be given as a presents and we just love dressing up each box with pretty packaging.


Free UK delivery on all boxes

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