Chocolate Making Resources

Chocolate Making Resources

Here are few items to get you started. I've personally tried and tested all of these.

These are the best value at sizes/volumes that are suitable for home chocolate making in smaller quantities.

Happy Chocolate Making!



Start with a good quality chocolate. Choose a type that is described as 'easy melt callets or buttons'. This means it's 'pre-tempered'. As long as you melt with very slowly and carefully, you don't need to temper your chocolate on marble.

Chocolate Moulds

Chocolate moulds made from strong plastic are a good value and if you look after them, they will last for years and years. Just make sure you don't scratch them inside, wash carefully and always polish with a cotton wool or soft kitchen paper towel before you use them.

Chocolate Colouring

Make sure you use powdered food colouring not water based (this will split the chocolate). The colours below are originally for sugarcraft, but they are the best value and perfectly suitable for chocolate making. Fine to mix with white chocolate or cocoa butter. Either buy colours that you want to use or buy the 3 main colours, that you can mix to get the colours you need. And just remember that 'white' chocolate is not exactly white - it's yellow, so all colours will behave slightly differently.

Chocolate Transfers

These are made with coloured cocoa butter, which melts into your chocolate. When the chocolate sets in the fridge, the cocoa pattern transfers to your chocolate. Store as chocolate (between 18-21 C).


In the long dark winter evenings many of us will reach for a cup of hot chocolate or cocoa to make us feel better. At least temporarily. But, do you know what? If you drink good quality, low fat, unsweetened dark chocolate, you just might be doing yourself more than just a flavour favour.  


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