Chocolate Truffles

 Handmade Chocolates from Kent

This is an example of our handmade chocolate truffles freshly created with local - Kentish - ingredients and French or Belgium chocolate.

The flavour is always matched with the best possible chocolate, depending on intensity and the desired taste.

We use local cream, fresh fruit and even our alcohol is often sourced locally from Kent.

Allergies & Dietary Information:

Some of our chocolate contains traces of gluten, lactose and our chocolates are prepared in kitchen handling nut products.

Our chocolate truffles in in our on-line shop often contain alcohol to carry the flavour and to preserve the chocolates, as we don't use any other form of preservatives. Ingredients are listed with each chocolate product.

Plain chocolate is the most suitable for diabetic (to be eaten in moderation), but we able to prepare diabetic chocolate to order.

When you order your chocolate truffles or even if you are coming to one of our chocolate making workshops,  just let us know what your taste or allergies requirements are and we will do our best to cater for you.


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We are always perfecting new seasonal flavours, so if your favourite one is not here, just let us know !

Our handmade truffles and chocolates are perfect for parties and weddings and we are able to make large quantities to order. 

Storage Info

Our fresh chocolate truffles have approximately 2 weeks shelf life without any preservatives and up to 6 weeks with natural preservatives (alcohol, sugar etc.)

Chocolates are best stored in coldish environment (18-23 C) and out of a direct sunlight. Please don't store them in fridge, it's not necessary and  it will only make them to bloom.



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Handmade Raspberry Truffle Heart Salted Caramel Truffle Earl Grey Tea Truffle

Summer Raspberry

Deliciously spicy dark chocolate centre with raspberry puree and brandy enrobed in dark chocolate.

Salted Caramel

Smooth soft caramel centre with smoked sea salt flakes in dark chocolate.

Earl Grey

Milk chocolate centre infused with Earl Grey Tea and fresh vanilla pod complimented with white chocolate on the outside.

Lavander Chocolate Truffle Orange Chocolate Truffle   Cappuccino Chocolate Truffle

Lavender Fields

Milk chocolate centre infused with lavender and a dash of whisky in white chocolate.

Orange Truffle

Milk chocolate centre spiced with Cointreau and orange oil and enrobed in dark chocolate.


Cappuccino Truffle

Intense dark chocolate with freshly made coffee with a swirl of coffee liqueur in white smooth chocolate.

Ginger & Lime Chocolate Truffles    

Ginger & Lime Truffle

White chocolate packed with candied ginger root, fresh lime juice and a dash of whisky in dark chocolate.