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Everything you 'knead' to bake great bread at home!

Like me, you have probably tried all the different recipes and ended up with a different results. Sometimes the bread comes up fine and other times it's a disaster!

The taste is great, but the bread is lopsided, collapsed or with very tough texture. And you don't really know why. You want to invite your friends for dinner, but not sure whether you can guarantee that your bread will come out fine. So you just buy one, to be on a safe side.


So imagine, if you could learn all the different techniques and finally understand the tricky side of bread baking. If you could master the dough kneading and could tell exactly when the dough is ready to be baked. No more wasted ingredients and time.


Magdalena Marsden Bread Baking On-line Course


So, how can you bake great bread at home? Let me show you how!

People often come to my courses after years of on and off bread baking failure. Once they are here, they realise, that bread baking is not difficult, once you understand how the process works, how flour gluten behaves and how to trick it into behaving!

Over the years I've had hundreds of people on my courses, who successfully continued to bake at home, often stopping completely to buy bread from a supermarket and sharing their passion for bread baking with family and friends.


On-line Bread Baking Course


That is why I have put together detailed bread baking course focusing on the techniques. I have seen so many people, myself included,  being disillusioned with baking books which just would not give enough detail on the 'how' and 'why'!

The Bread Baking Course Covers:

  • The best ingredients to use for bread baking
  • The different equipment you need and what can go on your wish list
  • How best to knead your dough and how to tell when it's ready
  • The different styles of bread shaping
  • Getting the perfect crust and baking
  • Troubleshooting - What to do when things go wrong and how to avoid them in future

So what will you be getting?

  • On-line video based course, which you will have life-time access to
  • Downloadable Bread Recipe Pack
  • Downloadable Information Sheets (Measurements Conversion Sheets, Ingredients, Equipment etc.)
  • Access to our private Bread Baking Community Facebook Group, where you can ask questions and share your bread baking creations
  • Free access to any future updates for this course


How is the course structured?

  • This is a self-study course, where you can start as soon as we process your booking
  • The course is accessed via 'membership log in' on our website and you will be send your personal log in with your confirmation e-mail
  • Easy to follow video tutorials, broken down to the particular stages of bread baking.
  • The course consists of 13 videos totaling over 2 hr of play
  • You can download your recipe book and print, but you have access to the course all the time
  • Our private facebook community is another useful resource open to you 24/7 with me popping in regularly to answer your questions
  • Extra bread baking resources on blog


To offer a complete peace of mind, I'm happy to offer  14 days 'Money back guarantee'. I have put a lot of time and effort into this course and it includes my 16 plus years of baking experience, but I want you to be perfectly happy with your purchase. So, if you are not, I'll return your money within 14 days of your purchase (Terms & Conditions Apply).


On-line bread course

The Bread Baking Masterclass is launching in September 2014.

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I understand you have a busy life and that is why the course is designed to fit within your lifestyle. You can watch it any time you like and if you have a laptop or other large portable device, you can even follow me baking at the same time.

This course gathers over 16 years of my bread baking experience as a home baker, tutor and microbakery baker. I have gained my experience over the years,  but you can literary jump that 16 years by joining my on-line bread baking course and get to where I'm now, saving you time, money and resources in no time.


Here is what people say about my Bread Baking Courses:

Dear Magdalena 

 I just wanted to thank you for a most enjoyable day backing bread with you.  All the bread we have tried so far has been absolutely delicious!  I think I'd definitely like to do the chocolate making course with you in the future!
Louise, Tunbridge Wells

I would like to say thank you for a lovely and enjoyable sweet bread baking day. I had a very good time and of course the bread and brownies tasted so good.

Thank you so much.
Peggy, London


Thank you very much for the recipes Magdalena.  I have successfully made a couple of sourdough loaves now and used up the discarded starter for pancakes and brownies.  Feeling very please with myself!

Tracy, Kent

I have really enjoyed both the courses and you have inspired me to carry on baking. I wish you all the best for the future and you never know I may see you again on another one of your courses.

 I learnt such a lot from you last weekend and I've baked bread twice this week already.

Colin, London

I saw my brother a few days ago and was treated to the rewards of your wonderful teaching by tasting some freshly baked bread. Ian thoroughly enjoyed the course and speaks very highly of your talent. Thank you for making his so worthwhile.
Paul, London

We just thought we would let you know that when we got indoors we had some of the rye bread and it was absolutely amazing, taste was gorgeous, beautifully light and soft with a wonderful crust, perfect.  We were very impressed and definitely the best rye bread we have tasted. 

I’m so glad I found you, we love to support small businesses.

Harjit & Andy, London

Bread Rolls - On-line Course

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If you have any questions, you can always contact me here or e-mail directly: hello(at)cocoaandheart(dot)co(dot)uk

Happy Baking


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