Chocolate Bars - Cocoa & Heart

Cocoa & Heart chocolate bars are handmade in small batches in our Victorian Kitchen in Kent and they are perfect to share with your friends, read detective novels with or keep in your bag for a little afternoon 'pick me up'! Once you order, your chocolate bars will be ready and on their way to you within 2-3 working days. Our delivery charge is £3.95 for orders below £35 and free postage is automatically applied at the checkout when you spend over £35.

Looking for more chocolate treats ideas?

Appart from our handmade chocolate bars range, we also have chocolate gifts to tempt you with, such us our novelty chocolates - including chocolate building bricks, chocolate buttons, that look like real buttons or chocolate frogs. Or you are welcome to check our chocolate truffles collection, which offers over 25 different flavours. Once you choose your flavour, we make your chocolate truffles freshly and just for you. As our chocolate truffles are made in batches of 50, they are perfect for birthday parties, celebrations and other gatherings.

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