Residential Bread Baking Course Content

The Bread Baking Residential Course is your opportunity to get fully emerged into bread baking, learn the techniques and skills and truly understand everything there is about bread baking.


Over the course of the week you will bake more than 25 different bread recipes, have the opportunity to practice your own bread recipes and even learn how to mill your own flour in a traditional flour watermill.


We are also preparing special evening talks and extra hands on workshops with tastings of locally produced food - such as wine or cheese tasting, chocolate making or similar. Your 'non-baking' partners are very welcome to join us for these.


Bread Baking Residential Course

At the end of the week, you will

  • Have a practical understanding of Basic & Advanced Bread Baking techniques
  • Recognise where you might be going wrong with your bread baking and know what to do to correct it
  • Be able to follow Bread Recipes and create your own
  • Experience how to mill your own flour and use it to bake great bread
  • Understand how best to use bread baking equipment, including proving baskets
  • Gain confidence to carry on baking at home


I look forward taking you through the bread baking step by step


Magdalena Marsden - Contact Details
Day 1 - Saturday 14 March 2015 Day 2 - Sunday 15 March 2015 Day 3 - Monday 16 March 2015
  • Arrive any time after 5pm
  • Settle into your room
  • Drinks at 7pm for dinner at 7.30pm
  • Evening Talk - Course overview
  •  Morning Session - Introduction to Bread Baking (Recipes & Techniques)
  • Afternoon Session - Introduction to Bread Baking & No knead Bread Baking
  •  Morning Session - Speciality Breads
  • Afternoon Session - European Bread Baking, including Italian Breads
  • Evening Talk & Tastings -Topic -to be confirmed
Day 4 - Tuesday 17 March 2015 Day 5 - Wednesday 18 March 2015 Day 6 - Thursday 19 March 2015
  •  Morning Session - The Flour Milling Experience
  • Afternoon Session -  Enriched (Sweet) Bread Baking
  • Evening Session - Introduction to Sourdough
  • Morning Session - Sourdough Bread Baking
  • Afternoon Session - Sourdough Bread Baking and Baking Skills & Recipe practice.
  • Evening Workshop - Chocolate Truffles & Talk

  • Morning Session - Bread Baking Techniques, practice your own recipes and Question & Answer session
  • Course officially finishes
  • Leave by 3pm
  • There is the option to stay an extra night to enjoy exploring the local area on a self-catering basis.
  • There will be only limited access to kitchen (tea & coffee) as we need to deep clean everything to hand back to the owners.
Day 7 - Friday 20 March 2015    
  •  9 am - Early departure for those staying extra night (breakfast not provided)
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