My favourite recipes, equipment and step by step instructions on how to make delicious treats at home. 

Chocolate Making Resources

Find my favourite chocolates, tried and tested recipes and everything you need to start making chocolate at home.

Jam & Marmalade Making Resources

My jam and marmalade making resources include handy tips on how to make delicous marmalade.

Traditional Sweet Making Resources and Recipes

You'll be amazed how many traditional sweets you can make from sugar and other simple ingredients.

Bread Baking Recipes & Resources

From very simple bread recipes to complex sourdough bread, let me help you to find your perfect bake.

Cocoa & Heart Favourite Recipes

All my favourite recipes for bread, chocolate and cakes in one place. Let's get baking!

Healthy Baking Recipes

Find out more about how to replace few ingredients in your favourite recipes to bake healthier versions.