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Traditional Lollipops

I've enjoyed making my own traditional sweets for a long time now and always found it fascinating how such a basic ingredient as sugar can produce so many varying treats depending on temperature and few extra ingredients. 

When I made my first batch of vanilla fudge, I was so excited! Until that point I could hardly believe that you can make traditional sweets at home - somehow I always thought you need to have a big factory, lot of complicated equipment and difficult to understand recipes.

The last bit is still very much the case - most recipes are fairly complex and mere change in temperature, consistency or slightly different ingredients can result in completely different sweets than the ones you are trying to make! That's how I discovered the perfect recipe for banana foam sweets, once when I was making marshmallows.

Over the years people have been asking me for workshops on how to make traditional sweets at home, so here is a list of Cocoa & Heart Sweet Making Courses.

I've also included few resources for you and hope to see you at one of my courses very soon!

Until then - happy sweets making and be careful with all that boiling sugar!


traditional sweets

what we offer

  • Small groups setting
  • Practical - hands on - courses
  • Tried and tested recipes and resources
  • Take home everything you make during the day home, beautifully wrapped
  • Home baked refreshments
  • Book for any date that suits you
Pistachio, Cranberry & Chocolate Fudge
Salt Water Taffy

our courses at a glance

From introduction to traditional sweet making to a day long masterclass, all our sweet making courses can be booked for a date that suits you. Come along or with your friends.

Traditional Sweet Making Masterclass

sweets making masterclass

Learn everything you need to know for making your own sweets at home. Choose your own sweets you would like to learn.

Fun chocolate course for two

chocolate making for two

Fun chocolate making for just the two of you. Perfect for a special occasion or a birthday treat. 

Chocolate Cake Pops Course

chocolate cake pops

Chocolate cake pops make a great party gifts. Learn different ways of creating chocolate cake pops, including icream lollipops. 

all the details

All the important sweet making courses information and resources at your fingertips

Detailed directions on how to get to our courses, together with interactive map to help you to plan your journey.

Traditional sweets recipes, tried and tested tips and ideas to get you started with sweets making at home.

Can't find exactly what you looking for? Private one to one lessons are also available to book for any available date.

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