chocolate parties

Cocoa & Heart runs chocolate parties for adults, children and for corporate customers. We are mobile chocolate company and come to your location within South East London, Central London, Kent, Essex, East Sussex and Cambridge.

chocolate classes

Practical courses run in a small groups in our Victorian Kitchen in South East London - Bexleyheath. Suitable for all abilities, always 'hands on' with plenty of tastings and chocolate goodies to take home.

Baking & Chocolate Making Private Lessons

chocolate lessons

If you would like to learn a particular baking, chocolate or traditional sweets making skills, you might prefer to book an individual lesson. Each session will be completely led by you and what you would like to learn.

small group bookings

Book as a group of up to three friends and choose your own date, time and the course you would like to do. Learn how to make chocolates, bake bread and other treats!

upcoming courses

Chocolate Making & Bread Baking Worshops coming up in the next few weeks

Chocolate Truffles, Ganache & Pralines Course

Chocolate truffles & Pralines

26 MAY 2019 - SUN

Creative Chocolate Making Skills

creative chocolate skills

1 JUNE 2019 - SAT

Chocolate Masterclass

chocolate masterclass

2 JUNE 2019 - SUN


Find out what's been happening in our kitchen this week...

Grapefruit Marmalade Recipe

grapefruit marmalade

This is my favourite recipe for grapefruit marmalade that is relatively quick to make and you can be a bit slap dash when making it. No need to spend 3 hrs shredding your grapefruit peel, but the result is as good as the traditional way of making marmalade. In this grapefruit marmalade recipe I've used grapefruit, but you can use any citrus fruit here or a mixture of different types. 

Dairy Free & Vegan Milk Chocolate Recipe

Dairy free milk chocolate

I've kept this recipe suitable for vegans, so it only has plant based ingredients. It'also gluten and dairy free, which is perfect if you can't have gluten or dairy products. The recipe is very simple to make, but you do need some fairly specialist ingredients, that you might not always have in your kitchen cupboard, but I promise you'll love the milky texture of this chocolate!

Healthy Pear Muffin Recipe

healthy pear muffins

If you are trying to be good this spring, here is the perfect recipe for you! These heatlhy pear muffins are ideal for mid afternoon snack and great to have as an emergency breakfast! This simple recipe is very easy to make and you can always swap the pears for other fruit you like. I always make couple of batches at the same time, freeze them and then just take one or two when I need them.